Container Ramps

Our container ramps are specially designed for loading and unloading containers that are on the ground. The container ramps are fitted on one side with a flat protruding edge with which they can rest on the container floor. This means that it's not necessary to mount it to the container floor. It is stabile and doesn't shift. Furthermore, the container ramps taper to the ground, creating a flat slope that can be walked on and driven over unobstructed. The surface has an anti-slip ribbed profile .

The container ramps are used in various sectors such as distribution centers, supermarkets and even offshore oil platforms. They are suitable for use in loading/unloading roll containers, supermarket containers, flight cases, pallets with hand-pallet-truck, etc.

Because the ramps are made of aluminium, they are weather resistant and lightweight (34 Kg).

We provide a 30 year warranty on the floor surface on all our container ramps and a test certificate is available with regards to the load. The load capacity is 750 Kg. Dimensions 2.100 mm length (incl. 100 mm overhang), width 1.000 mm outside / 950 mm inside. Can be used for a raised edge of maximum 200 mm.

Note The 750 Kg version is not equipped with handles

Price per piece € 895,00 excl. VAT and transport costs.