Lift Point Covers

Lift Point Covers are silicone inserts suitable for covering the openings in ISO corner castings. The LiftPoint Covers are available in 3 different sizes / shapes and are suitable for the openings on the side, back and top off ISO corner castings. Scroll down for more photos.


With the Lift Point covers you prevent;

  • That birds and vermin can settle in the corner castings
  • That moisture, dirt and dust can accumulate in the corner castings
  • Maintenance work must be carried out such as rust protection, painting, cleaning, etc.

Lift Point Covers are;

  • Easy to install and remove
  • An affordable solution that will prevent additional maintenance costs
  • Important for ensuring safe use of the corner castings when securing and hoisting containers
  • Made of durable silicone for a long life
  • Paintable

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Available from € 145,00 per set*

(*set = 8 x Top/Bottom covers + 8 x Oval covers + 8 x Shield covers ex. warehouse and ex. VAT)



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