Stockmaster mobile platform ladders

Do you regularly carry out checks, inspections or repairs around containers, trailers or trucks?

Then you need a simple and fast mobile platform ladder that allows you to work safely at height.

Stockmaster Tracker and Stockmaster Step-Thru offer the ideal, efficient and safe solution for working at height or stepping onto a higher floor. With 2 large wheels, Tracker and Step-Thru can easily be moved on smooth and uneven floors and on slopes, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Tracker and Step-Thru are quick and easy to move with the steer- and brake handle. Pull the handle up and the platform ladder can be moved. Release the handle and the platform ladder automatically returns to the safe starting position and is fixed and completely stable.

The steer- and brake handle provides a much safer solution.

The handle provides sufficient distance between the user and the bottom step to move the platform stairs with normal steps. Tracker and Step-Thru can be moved twice as fast as comparable solutions and don't need to be set up on site.

Tracker and Step-Thru are easier and faster to move and save you a lot of working time.

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Stockmaster Step - Thru

Stockmaster Tracker

Stockmaster Step-Thru - A stable access ladder provides a much safer working environment.

The Stockmaster Step-Thru mobile access ladder prevents the dangerous habit of, for example, climbing and jumping off semi-trailers or containers, or using an ordinary ladder. Step-Thru significantly reduces the risk of an industrial accident. With a stable step-down platform and two handrails along the stairs to hold onto, access to a higher floor becomes a lot safer and easier.

Step-Thru significantly reduces the risk of high costs due to loss of time and damage (claims) with accidents at work.

Stockmaster Tracker - A mobile work platform, movable on any terrain.

The Stockmaster Tracker is a versatile and easily deployable mobile work platform for working safely at height. With the Stockmaster Tracker Pro version you are automatically protected against accidentally falling from the platform on the stairs side. Equipped with the Stockmaster Auto-Gate , your hands are always free to carry objects and to hold yourself tight when entering and leaving the platform. Tracker Pro also features the Stockmaster Rota-Gate, which gives you better lateral access from the platform for inspection, assembly and repair work.

Stockmaster Tracker and Step-Thru meet at least the European Standard 131 part 1 & 2 and the European Safety Directive 2001/45 / EEC.

Stockmaster Step - Thru

Stockmaster Tracker