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Domino Clamps

Domino Clamps mounting elements are suitable for attaching almost everything to a sea container.

Domino Clamps are strong, safe, user-friendly and will not damage the container.

Domino Clamps are mounted in the holes on the side and / or back of the corner castings.

Domino Clamps are easy to remove and can be used over and over again.

New from Domino Clamps is the Plywood Bolt-On Adapter to attach wood to a shipping container without damaging the container

*Price excl. VAT and transport costs.

How does it work?

To get a good impression of how to attach objects to a sea container, you should first watch this short video. It briefly explains how the Domino Clamps are installed and disinstalled in the corner casting.

How is the Domino Clamp attached;

Insert the Domino Clamp into an opening on the side or back of the corner casting and hold the Domino Clamp with one hand while tightening the M16 bolt in the center of the plate with an Allen key (10 mm). The locking plate automatically rotates into the locking position and the Domino Clamp is then stuck in the corner casting.

How do I attach something to the Domino Clamp?

Once the Domino Clamp is securely attached to the container, almost anything can be attached to it using four M12 bolts

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